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Fix: FIFA Mobile crashing in Challenge Mode: Unknown Error 120006

FIFA Mobile is actually a mobile game which is established specially for iOS & as well as Android. Basically, the football simulator was released in 2016 & is being enhanced very fast.

The FIFA Mobile game features a completely latest attack mode where players must protect against the opposition in case they play offensive games. It has Live-Shows which are based upon real-life events.

Frequently the enhancers update the game; FIFA Mobile 22 brings in significant modification in both gameplay & overall graphics. Now the players reported connection problems.

Now the FIFA mobile players say that 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 the game is crashing in Challenge mode. Lots of people say that crashes are random in nature & can happen at any time.

This is not possible for players to play Challenge mode. Simply some said they tried to again install the game and remove application data & cache but nothing seemed to be supporting well.

How to Fix FIFA Mobile crashing in Challenge Mode: Unknown Error 120006

The reasonable reason for this problem is once you guys use the Carniball Players in the active lineup in the Challenge Mode. Therefore, in order to fix this issue, you guys will have to replace the Carniball Players in the active lineup along with non-Carniball Players. Whilst this in no way is this the best solution. As yet, this is the best way that we have at our disposal.

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Therefore, fill in your team along with all the non-Carniball Players. It should resolve the FIFA Mobile crashing problem in Challenge Mode. And, therefore, the Unknown Error 120006. As far as the official stance on this matter is concerned, the developers know this glitch and probably roll out a fix. However, they have not given out any ETA for the same. At the time when that happens, we’ll update this post. Sometimes, the above-mentioned workaround is the best bet.

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