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How to Install Discord on Galaxy Watch 4 using ADB Sideload

Here you will learn the steps to install Discord on the Galaxy Watch 4 by using ADB Sideload. Now let’s start this guide.

Install Discord on your Galaxy Watch 4 via ADB Sideload

    1. Firstly, you have to download the Android SDK Platform Tools and bring it out onto your Computer.
    2. Then download the APK file for Discord & Google Chrome. At the time when you guys have downloaded, then send it to the platform-tools folder.
    3. Similarly, you should rename the downloaded files to discord.apk & chrome.apk therefore, it becomes simpler to write in the Command Prompt later on.
    4. When it is completed open Settings > System > About. Click on Build Number 7 Times. Actually, this will enable Developer Options.
    5. Open Settings > Developer Options > ADB Debugging. Click on YES.
    6. Dropdown & enable the Debug over WiFi. Your IP Address will be listed there, remember somewhere. For instance, in case the value is, then is the IP Address (8080 is the port number)
    7. Open the platform-tools folder, now you should type in CMD in its address bar, & press Enter. It will set up Command Prompt.
    8. Bring out the following command in the CMD window in order to establish a wireless ADB connection b/w your watch & Computer. Ensure to replace the IP keyword along with the IP address that you guys had got from above.
      adb connect IP
    9. When you bring out the above command, you guys will get the Allow Debugging prompt on the watch, click OK.
    10. Bring out the following command in the CMD window in order to get Discord on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4:
      adb install discord.apk
    11. Install the below command in the CMD window in order to get/install Chrome on the watch:
      adb install chrome.apk
  • Execute the following command to modify the DPI to 240
adb shell wm density 240
  1. In case you guys obtain Debugging Authorisation prompt on the device just after the execution of the above-mentioned command, ensure to approve it.
  2. Set up Discord & sign in to your account. Click on captcha not responding – try via the web.
  3. Go to Chrome on the watch & login / check the new device.
  4. Once completed, you should go back to Discord & log in again, this time there will be no captcha verification & you guys will be successfully signed in.
  5. Bring out the following command in order to revert the DPI to the original state:
    adb shell wm density reset

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That’s all.

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