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How to Root OnePlus 8, 8 Pro, and 8T via TWRP and Magisk

In this article, we can show you the steps related to ‘How to root OnePlus 8, 8 Pro, and 8T via TWRP and Magisk’. To begin with, we will unlock the device’s bootloader then, install and boot your device to TWRP. Yet, the Magisk Installer ZIP file will be flashed via this TWRP Recovery. Do keep in mind that we have already covered extensive coverage on How to Root OnePlus 8, 8 Pro, and 8T without TWRP (via Magisk). So, if you are not looking to flash TWRP then, you should head over to that process.

The latest offering from OnePlus has added three unique additions to its eight eras. While there are a few eyebrows extended due to the look and feel of the latest OxygenOS skin (proximity to OneUI 3.0), yet when it comes to custom development, it is always the same significant player in this discipline. Right from unlocking the bootloader to flashing custom ROMs, there is a lot to test out. Along the same lines, you could substitute the device stock recovery with a custom one like TWRP.

Then, an ever-favorite option of gaining administrative rights is right there at the top. This ability to root your device opens the floodgates to an overload of choices. Right from flashing a custom kernel, to installing Magisk Modules, trying out Xposed Framework, or even installing Substratum Theme engine, there is a lot to test. And in this article, we can show you how to make complete use of these customizations. In other terms, we would list out the steps to root OnePlus 8, 8 Pro, and 8T via TWRP and Magisk.

Why Should You Root via TWRP?

This is a pretty prominent question that a lot of you might request. Since there are two different ways to root any Android device (via TWRP or without TWRP), why should we take the TWRP route? Here is why! To root any Android device without TWRP, you would first have to download the complete stock firmware of your device. Then, you would have to extract the stock boot.img file from it. And this is no more an easy task.

Gone are the days when the firmware came in a ZIP format. Nowadays, OEMs (like OnePlus and Google) pack these partition files (vbmeta, system, boot, & so on) inside the payload.bin file. Along the same lines, Realme and Oppo pack these files inside the OZIP package. Extracting them requires Python and also, a decryption tool in some samples.

Anyways, when you get the stock boot.img file,  you will have to install Magisk Manager APK and then, patch this boot.img file via it. When it is done, you will have to flash this file via Fastboot Commands. Phew, does not that calls for a ton of effort? This is one significant reason why users choose to root their devices by taking the help of TWRP. And if you repeat these ideas as well, then this tutorial is just for you. Given below are the steps to root OnePlus 8, 8 Pro, and 8T via TWRP and Magisk.

How to Root OnePlus 8, 8 Pro, and 8T via TWRP and Magisk?

There are a few conditions that your device needs to qualify. Make sure you go through them before proceeding with the below-mentioned steps.


We won’t be responsible if anything happens to your device while following this tutorial. Make sure to create a backup of your data so you won’t lose anything in case of firmware corruption. Rooting voids the warranty and removes the restrictions on your device. Which might reduce the battery life since you are using your device to its full potential. Installing a custom ROM or custom tweak can damage your device software if not installed properly.

Prerequisites | Downloads

That’s it! These were all the required files and now you may proceed with the measures to root OnePlus 8, 8 Pro, and 8T via TWRP and Magisk.

Install Android SDK

Well, to start with, install an Android SDK Platform Tools on your PC. This is an official ADB, and the Fast-boot binary presented by Google is the only recommended one & approved too. So, download it and extract it to your PC (any suitable location). Doing so will provide you with a platform-tools folder, which will be used during this blog.

Enable USB Debugging and OEM Unlocking

It is necessary to allow your device to be open when flashing third-party apps and mods. Since bootloader unlocking is not authorized by default from the OEM, it is better to unlock your device from the OEM restrictions before proceeding ahead. Most of these devices have the same OEM unlocking method. Let’s go through the process and see how difficult it is for you.

  1. First of all, you need to navigate to device settings.
  2. Then navigate to About phone and tap the build number 7 times to unlock Developer options.
  3. Open Developer options, and search for USB debugging. Toggle the slider to unlock it. That’ll allow you to flash or unlock your device via fastboot.
  4. Then you can scroll down and tap on OEM Unlocking. Now we can proceed ahead and unlock the bootloader as desired.

Unlock Bootloader on OnePlus 8, 8 Pro, and 8T

Firstly, you will have to unlock the bootloader on your OnePlus device. Do keep in mind that it may make the warranty null and void and would clear out data from your device. So, create a backup beforehand. With that obligatory warning message out of the way, here is our article on ‘How To Unlock Bootloader of OnePlus 8/8T/8 Pro’. The shorter version: execute fastboot OEM unlock command to unlock the device’s bootloader.

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Install TWRP Recovery on OnePlus 8, 8 Pro, and 8T

Following are the steps:

  • Now, it is time to install the TWRP recovery on your OnePlus device. So, get hold of TWRP from the above Downloads section.
  • Then, transfer the recovery to the platform-tools folder (where you had installed the ADB). Similarly, you should rename the recovery to twrp so, the complete name becomes twrp.img.
  • Now, connect your OnePlus to PC via USB cable (also, make sure USB Debugging is enabled)
  • Head over to the platform-tools folder (type in CMD in the address bar) and press Enter. This will launch the Command Prompt.
  • Type the following command in the CMD window to boot your OnePlus to Fastboot Mode;
adb reboot bootloader
  • Now, if you are looking to temporarily boot your device to TWRP (for one-time use), then use the following command;
fastboot boot twrp.img
  • On the other hand, run the following command to permanently install TWRP Recovery on OnePlus 8, 8 Pro, or 8T (also, make sure you have renamed the recovery file to twrp);
fastboot flash recovery twrp.img
  • When it is done, it is time to boot your device to TWRP. Since you are now booted to Fastboot, use the Volume Keys to bring up the Recovery option and press the Power key to confirm it.
  • As soon as your OnePlus boots to TWRP, it will request to decrypt data. Just, enter your phone’s password or PIN to move forward.

Root OnePlus 8, 8 Pro, and 8T using Magisk

  • Finally, it is time to root your OnePlus 8, 8 Pro, and 8T via Magisk
  • Since your device is booted to TWRP, head over to the Install section
  • Now, navigate to the downloaded TWRP Recovery, select it, and perform a right swipe to flash it.
  • When it is done, now reboot your device to the OS. For that, go to Reboot and tap System

That’s it, guys! These were the above-mentioned steps to root OnePlus 8, 8 Pro, and 8T via TWRP and Magisk. If you still have any questions, do let us know in the comment box mentioned below. We will try to reply to your queries at the earliest.

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