Root Samsung Galaxy A52

Root Samsung Galaxy A52 5G on Android 11 using Magisk

On one side, mobile companies try their best to avoid Root methods and make the process as complicated as possible. On the other hand, users consistently try to root their mobile even if it carries complex steps. The reason is that companies try their best; they can not give Root apps features in Non-Rooted circumstances. Samsung Galaxy A52 5G is an upper mid-range mobile, and it can bear any heavy apps and One UI ios far sufficiently. But when you are a Developer or common Root apps user, you can root Samsung Galaxy A52 5G Android 11 using the below-mentioned procedure. Since we are using the Magisk only procedure, we can not flash custom ROMs. But we can operate all Root apps.

When users root their mobile, they feel that they have entire control over their mobiles. Also, when they do not like the manufacturer’s UI, They can flash custom ROMs on their mobile. The days where users root their mobile to improve the performance do not create any sense nowadays. Most of the mobiles are strong out of the box. After root, you will lose official updates, and you have to update your mobile manually. So, before starting with the process, you should know why you require to do it. If you are a frequent user, you can test out some options for your purpose that do not demand rooting. When you are a regular root apps user and developer, you can follow the below tutorial to acquire root on your mobile.

Should I Root your Samsung Galaxy A52 5G Android 11 version?

It would be best if you had a powerful reason for rooting. Samsung Galaxy A52 5G already comes with One UI 3.1 (based on Android 11) and is optimized. Also, having more than enough 6/8 GB of RAM to utilize day-to-day applications without lag for years. Yes, I know; RAM maybe not be adequate because of Samsung’s heavily customized OS. But, trust me! One UI is far better than other customized skin OS. You can use this device without lag for years until Samsung mess with some bloatware. Further, that does not make any logic, you are addicted to some root apps, or a frequent user of some Custom OS, you can move further. But if you want to root because everybody is doing it. Then, I advise you, don’t root it if you don’t have any experience. For everyday users, it can become a nightmare.

Rooting’s Benefits & Risks

Moreover, when you root your device by flashing the Magisk patched boot.img via Fast-boot Commands; you will be in a state to work out plenty of customizations on your device. These include the similarities of flashing custom ROMs, installing a system recovery like TWRP, or flashing a custom kernel. Along the same lines, you could additionally flash Magisk Modules, Xposed Framework, Substratum Themes, Viper4Android, and the similarities. Still, this is just one side of a story.

Carrying out this method also has its drawbacks. Firstly, the process needs an unlocked boot-loader, and doing so will clear off all the data and cancel the device’s guarantee completely. Besides, WideVine L1 will be diminished to L3, which fails to stream Netflix in HD. Then, a SafetyNet will be triggered, creating problems with the banking apps. Therefore, if all that is fine and stable, let’s get started with the measures to root your Samsung Galaxy A52 via Magisk.


We won’t be responsible if anything happens to your device while following this tutorial. Make sure to create a backup of your data so you won’t lose anything in case of firmware corruption. Rooting voids the warranty and removes the restrictions on your device. Which might reduce the battery life since you are using your device to its full potential. Installing a custom ROM or custom tweak can damage your device software if not installed properly.

Unlock Bootloader:

Firstly, you will have to unlock the device’s bootloader. Please take a device backup before and then refer to our blog on How to Unlock the Bootloader on any Samsung Device. In short, here are the following steps;

  1. Enable Developer Options followed by OEM Unlocking on your device
  2. Then, boot it to the Download Mode
  3. Press and hold the Volume Up key for a few seconds till you are used to a Device Unlock Mode.
  4. Finally, hit the Volume Up button to confirm the unlocking bootloader
  5. When the device boots up, connect it to the Internet and verify that OEM Unlocking is enabled

NOTE: Now, do not restore data as your device undergoes a factory reset in subsequent steps

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Download Samsung One UI 4.0 Stock Firmware:

Next, you will have to download the stock firmware for your device, and there are a few ways of doing this. E.g., use the Frija Tool, SamLoader Tool, or websites (such as SamMobile).

However,  you can also refer to the instructions given below;

  1. Download the Frija Tool and extract it on your PC (any convenient location)
  2. Launch the tool and type in your device’s Model Numer and CSC Code
  3. Now, click on the Check Update button, which is result brings up the latest Android 12 firmware
  4. Click a Download button, select the directory to download the firmware, and hit Save
  5. The downloading process will now begin, and when done, a tool will then decrypt a firmware
  6. When decryption is complete, it shall spell out the Download Complete message
  7. Now, go to the folder where you previously downloaded firmware and extract it. Get the AP, BL, CP, CSC, and Home CSC files when removed. Hence, using these files, we will root your Samsung device running One UI 4.0 Android 12 via Magisk.

Patch Samsung AP File

Moreover, we will be patching the AP file via Magisk, which will consequently be flashed on your Samsung device running One UI 4.0 Android 12 to root it. 

Well, you can also check out the direct instructions given below:

  1. Head over to the folder where you extracted the firmware files
  2. Transfer the AP TAR file from there to your device
  3. Launch the Magisk App and tap the Install button next to it
  4. Make sure that the Recovery Mode option is checked (if the device doesn’t have Ramdisk)
  5. Now, choose Select and Patch a File, navigate to the AP TAR file and select it
  6. Then, tap the Let’s Go button situated at the top-right and wait for patching to be completed
  7. When done, get the patched AP file named; 

magisk_patched_[random_number].tar (under the Downloads folder)

Flash the Patched File and Root your Device

Now that you have downloaded the Odin, it is time to put it into action.

  1. Connect your device with a PC or if it is already connected, let it be
  2. Open Odin and check that the port option is highlighted
  3. Then click on BL and browse to select the file with BL in its name.
  4. Click AP and choose the patched AP file.
  5. Then choose the respective CL and CSC files to continue the process.
  6. Click on Options on the left side and ick the Auto-Reboot button.
  7. Once everything is added, then you can press the start button.

If nothing goes wrong, then you’ll get a pass message after the process is over. The first boot might take 5-10 minutes so be patient.

Finally, Complete Magisk Setup to Root Samsung Devices

  1. After the reboot, open the magisk app and ask for extra permissions. 
  2. Tap Ok/Yes as written on the screen.
  3. Magisk will download additional dependencies that might take time-based on how many are needed.
  4. Once done, reboot the device if not happen automatically.

Well, that is the final step to Root Samsung Devices.


If you don’t want to face any issues or errors while rooting your device, make sure to follow the entire article thoroughly. That’s it for how to root Samsung devices, be sure to let us know in the comments so we can help you with any problems.

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