View Instagram Stories Anonymously

Best Ways To View Instagram Stories Anonymously

Learn how to view Instagram stories anonymously so you can keep an eye on things while being incognito.

Would you like to check what your opponents are sharing on their Instagram account without letting them know you’re doing it? So Here you will be able to learn how to view Instagram stories anonymously. When you visualize stories, there are various ways to keep your account hidden. All you have to do now is decide which option best suits you. Remember, staying up to date on the current trends in marketing techniques for stories is crucial, don’t put off reviewing it because you don’t want the accounts managers to see your profile.

View Instagram Stories Anonymously

There are several ways you can use to watch Instagram stories anonymously. In this article, I’ll show you some of the websites where you can watch Instagram stories without letting the other person know that’s you. So, below are the websites from where you can watch the stories anonymously:

  1. Anon IG Viewer
  2. Stories Down
  3. Dumpor
  4. Stories IG
  5. AInstaStories
  6. Inflact
  7. Instasaved

Now I’ll tell you briefly about these websites so that you will be able to know, what benefits can you get from these websites.

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Anon IG Viewer:

It is a web application that allows you to watch Instagram stories and posts from individuals you’re interested in without anyone noticing. You can even save their stories/posts to your smartphone or computer. It’s completely free, anonymous, simple to use, and most importantly, it doesn’t require any kind of account or program to use.

Stories Down:

It’s the finest app for watching Instagram stories. Without logging in or creating a profile, you may watch Instagram stories secretly and swiftly. You may watch without logging in or installing anything. Simply type in the Instagram account you would like to follow.

Then no one will notice you’re viewing their stories if you use this website. You now can download high-resolution Instagram videos and photographs to your smartphone or computer.


Anonymous Instagram story reader – View accounts, reel, posts, followers, and tagged postings on the internet. Best Instagram stalker and spectator. you can watch Instagram for the greatest experience while being anonymous.

Simply paste the link to Instagram to download photographs or videos. Without logging in, you can access stories, posts, and videos secretly. You can also use hashtags, accounts, and places to find whatever you’re looking for. You can examine the likes, comments, and followers on Instagram.

Stories IG:

This is also another website that you can use to watch Instagram stories without being noticed or by being anonymous. Access and save Instagram Stories and Story Highlight photographs and videos to your computer, Mac, or a smartphone in a simple method.

Simply type your Instagram account and click “Go” to begin downloading Instagram Stories. By using this website you do not have to download an application to view the Instagram stories anonymously.


InstaStories is a program that will allow you to browse public Instagram accounts anonymously. You may quietly track: articles and highlights, live streams (online broadcasts, streams, broadcast records), posts (pictures, videos, text publishing), likes, comments, and subscribers using this site.

You can remain entirely anonymous during the process (the views are invisible to the owner of the account, your personal data, date, and time of your visits are not seen or saved). Ig news and posts can be downloaded directly, smartphone (iPhone iOS, Android), or tablet.


You are not required to create false profiles. Without creating an account, you may quickly and secretly watch any public account’s Instagram Stories. You can never display in the viewer’s list because you do not submit your data to obtain access to the Stories. Examine a story without having to use any third-party software.

Enjoy Stories from an Instagram service that is available for free online. Simply type in the name of someone’s profile. You can do it from any computer or mobile device that has Internet connectivity. All gadgets are compatible. Any Insta story can be viewed anonymously from a computer, phone, tablet, or other devices. There are no restrictions.


You can examine and download stories, highlights, posts, pictures, and streams from Instagram by using the website Only public accounts, not private accounts, can be read and downloaded. Enter the username of the Instagram user whose stories you wish to see in the search field, and then download to your smartphone (computer, tablet, mobile).

Then select Download from the drop-down menu. For users of this website, using this app is entirely free. There is no need to register.


    • What can we view or download from the above websites?

    From any open Instagram page, you may browse and save Instagram stories, live broadcasts (streams), highlights, publications, and profile images.

    • Is it necessary to have an Instagram account to follow someone else’s profile?

    No, to view the stories on Instagram you do not need to have your own Instagram account. You only need to know the username of the user you’re looking for.

    • What is the cost of using these web services?

    These services are absolutely free and therefore they do not require any registration to use them.

    • How can I view a story which I’ve downloaded?

    You can view photo stories with the help of applications for viewing photos or on the website. You can also play the downloaded video stories in the video player of any contemporary device or simply in the browser (you must drag the downloaded video to the tab).

    Furthermore, you can watch stories anonymously on these websites without having to download them.

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